2021 Scholars Named

Samuel Bennett
Master’s in Business Administration

Gareth Deane
Master’s in Law

Harshiv Karia
Advanced Education Program in Prosthodontics

Samuel Marcus
Master’s of Science in Education – Teaching, Learning, and Leadership

Jack Peacock
Master’s of Science in Education, Culture, and Society



Emily Davis
Ph.D. in Biology

Carson Eckhard
Master’s in Law

Ben Friedman
Master’s in Political Science

Lauren Kleidermacher
Master’s in Biology

Ben Staso
Master’s in Philosophy – Russian and East European Studies[/single_home_box_content][/home_box_content][home_box2_content][single_home_box2_content]

Application Deadlines for 2020

British Candidates
1 November 2020

American Candidates
15 October 2020

Interview Weekend

British Candidates
January 2021
London or Virtual

American Candidates
Late January 2021
Philadelphia or Virtual[/single_home_box2_content][/home_box2_content][home_box3_content][single_home_box3_content]


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