The Award does not fund dual degrees, executive MBAs or any other degrees that do not involve full-time study and regular, in person interaction for at least one year with a full cohort of students. In addition, the Award does not consider suitable for funding degree programmes that (1) provide the academic basis for admission to a licensed profession where such basis would ordinarily be an undergraduate degree in the country (U.S. or U.K.) from which the student is applying (e.g, the Penn J.D.) or (2) professional degrees whose anticipated duration exceeds three years (e.g., M.D degrees). 

Any student who is uncertain about whether a degree they wish to pursue will be considered eligible for funding by the Award should contact us not less than sixty days prior to the deadline for submitting Thouron applications. The Executive Committee will review the desired course of study and will advise the student of whether an application to pursue it as a Thouron Scholar would be considered.