The Executive Committee of the Award may, in its sole discretion, consider requests to waive or vary the foregoing rules relating to the funding and tenure of the Award, but will do so only in circumstances that it believes to be truly exceptional. In particular, the Executive Committee will not generally consider requests to change a course of study to a degree programme that would extend tenure of the Award beyond the period applied for.

Any Scholar who wishes, despite these guidelines, to apply for such a change, must submit their request to such that it is received no later than December 31 of the academic year during which they would be expected to graduate in the programme originally applied for. Any such request must (1) be in writing (2) explain in detail the reasons for the request and why the proposed new programme was not applied for initially, and (3) contain letters from two faculty members familiar with the Scholar’s work that set out (a) the importance of the proposed change to the Scholar’s academic or professional goals, and (b) where applicable, the importance or significance of the work the Scholar would do if allowed to change programmes and any exceptional qualifications to do such work that the Scholar has demonstrated.