Scholars wishing to pursue doctoral programmes at Penn:

(1) Should understand that if a student is accepted into a Ph.D. programme and is deemed to be engaged in work worthy of a doctorate, Penn typically funds tuition and fees after the second year of study. Accordingly, Scholars ordinarily will not receive more than two years of funding from the Award for the pursuit of a Ph.D. at Penn.

(2) If a Scholar identifies, and intends to apply for, a Penn Ph.D. programme that does not typically fund tuition and fees after the second year of study, the Scholar may request a third year of funding. Scholars are responsible for identifying any such programmes prior to submitting their Thouron application and must, in that application (a) establish the funding practices of the relevant graduate school or doctoral programme and (b) explicitly request a third year of funding.

(3) In any situation satisfying condition (2), a third year of funding will be contingent upon written confirmation (in additional to departmental confirmation of adequate progress at the end of the Scholar’s first year) from a Scholar’s supervisor, at the end of the first semester of the Scholar’s second year, that the Scholar is making satisfactory progress toward the relevant doctoral degree.