The eligibility requirements for the Thouron Award are as follows:

U.K. graduate applicants must: (1) be British citizens who normally reside in the United Kingdom & (2) have attended U.K. secondary schools be graduates (by the summer following their applications) of a U.K. university.

U.S. graduate applicants must (1) be U.S. citizens who normally reside in the United States & (2) be affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania as graduating seniors, recent graduates, or current graduate or professional students.

Are you a graduate student looking for the best possible way to fund your academic pursuits? The Thouron Award might be an option for you depending on your goals and eligibility. It is one of the most prestigious and generous academic scholarships for students who seek master’s degrees, post graduate scholarship, and/or a PhD. For 60 years the Thouron Award has added countless talented, brilliant, and compassionate people to its large community of culturally diverse scholars.

Do you believe you have the ability to engage with others who actively participate in changing our world? If so, you should definitely read further.

Timing is of the essence

In order to provide young people of outstanding ability and open minds the means to study, travel, and immerse themselves in life abroad in the United Kingdom or at the University of Pennsylvania in the United States, the Thouron Award does require applicants to adhere to provided timelines for the application cycle.

Please check our website for the latest application cycle process, as it is subject to change:

Apply from Penn

Apply from the United Kingdom

Students walk along Locust Walk on the University of Pennsylvania campus

Applications Open: Mid-July

The Thouron Award applications go live on our website in mid-July each year. 

Applicants will have roughly 15 weeks to prepare their materials. This includes creating a profile in the application portal, filling out an application, receiving references, and applying to the university and program you want to attend in tandem with your Thouron Award application — please note the Thouron Award does not process the application for your university or program of choice, you must do that directly with the academic institution.

Application Deadlines: Mid-October through the beginning of November

The Thouron Award applications will close in the fall. All applicants must ensure their references are submitted at this time as well. 

After the applications close via our website, the assessment of applicants begins.

All eligible applications are assessed for eligibility per the Thouron Award eligibility criteria, then also reviewed by academics knowledgeable of the broad subject areas covered by the Thouron Award. Following the pre-selection stage, the Chair and Deputy Chair of the U.K. Thouron Award selection committee short-lists candidates for interview. The selection committee is made up of past Thouron Scholars from the U.K. and U.S., together with Thouron family members.

The Thouron Award selects applicants based on scholarship, clarity of purpose, contribution to community, and their ambassadorial qualities. A candidate must be able to show enthusiasm for their particular specialty.

As a potential Thouron Scholar, you will be asked to participate in the exchange of ideas and opinions in a variety of settings during your award year and as a member of the Thouron community. Scholars are selected for their ability to engage with the world with the expectation that their experience in their host country will increase their commitment to the scholarship’s founding principles of promoting cross-cultural understanding.

Interview Prep: Mid-December

We aim to provide applicants with an update as to whether they will move to the interview stage or not. This is the ideal time for candidates to start preparing for their interview with the selection committee.

New Thouron Scholars chatting and laughing at the Thouron Award Welcome Party in Philadelphia

Interviews Take Place: Mid-to-late-January

We hold our interview weekend for short-listed applicants! The interview process is two days long. 

On the first day, applicants have to provide a 10-minute presentation on a topic of their choice which is followed by 20 minutes of moderate questions and discussion.

On the second day, applicants have two separate interviews — one academic and one with the Thouron family. In between interviews on both days, applicants are encouraged to mingle and meet members of the Thouron Award Alumni network. There is also a cocktail hour applicants are expected to attend. 

Here are few interview tips scholars found helpful during their interviews:

Have a good sense of how you will introduce yourself.

Get plenty of rest the night before the interview weekend begins (and during!)

During questions and discussion for your presentation, take a moment to gather your thoughts before answering a question.

Try to handle a steady pace when engaging during your presentation.

Drink plenty of water throughout the weekend.

Remember it’s a marathon, not a sprint!

Award Recipients Notified: February

We will announce to applicants whether they have been offered the Thouron Award or not by 1 February. We expect a scholar to provide their commitment confirmation by mid-February. 

Remember, the Thouron Award expects our scholars to act as student-ambassadors in their respective host country, putting energy and intellect to work strengthening the ties between two great nations.

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