The Thouron Award, established in 1960, is a graduate exchange program between British universities and the University of Pennsylvania. Conceived to reinforce the "special relationship" between the U.S. and the U.K., it sought to create an ever-growing number of leading citizens of these two countries who would have a thorough understanding of their trans-Atlantic counterparts. Today it is a leading international scholarship program and experience in friendship, with more than 700 alumni.

The Thouron Award is about opportunity. Students receive full support - tuition and generous stipends - to pursue the graduate degrees of their choice. They are also encouraged to travel and immerse themselves in the life of their host countries. With opportunity comes a new perspective and, perhaps, even more opportunity. So many former Thouron Scholars say, "It changed my life!"

The distinctive quality of the Thouron Award is its sense of family. From the beginning, the Thouron family has been actively involved - first Sir John Thouron, then his son, "Tiger," and now his grandchildren, Rupert and Rachel. They maintain continuing contacts with current and former Scholars, and there are frequent reunions - formal and informal - on both sides of the Atlantic. Good parties are part of the Thouron tradition. Once a Thouron, always a Thouron!