THE THOURON AWARD, a graduate exchange program between the United Kingdom and the University of Pennsylvania, offers a life-changing opportunity for exceptional students. Its funding provides generous scholarships for postgraduate study abroad, and recipients join a stimulating community of international scholars and Thouron alumni. Explore how to apply for a graduate scholarship from the U.K. or from Penn.

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2017 Scholars Named

Harry Barber
Master’s in Business Administration

Theo Bartholomew
Master’s in Bioethics

Sophie Boorman
Large Animal Internship

Beatriz Brown
Master’s in Law

Spencer Brown
Master’s in World History

Matilda Gilbert
Master’s in English Literature

John Morgan
Master’s in Law

Helen Robb
Master’s in Public Administration

Tom Robbins
Master’s in Social Policy



Anna Carapellotti
Ph.D in Psychology,
Queen’s University Belfast

Cole Hurwits
Master’s of Philosophy in Machine Learning, Computational Neuroscience, Master’s of Science in Computational Biology,
University of Edinburgh

Joseph Kiernan
Master’s of Philosophy in International Relations and Politics,
University of Cambridge

Suzy Landon
Master’s of Science in Public Health,
London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Kate Samuelson
Master’s of Philosophy in Comparative Social Policy,
University of Oxford

Tshay Williams
Master’s of Art in Visual Anthropology,
University of London, Goldsmiths


What's next

Application Deadlines for 2017

British Candidates
1 November 2017

American Candidates
15 October 2017

Interview Weekend

British Candidates

American Candidates


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