THE THOURON AWARD, a graduate exchange program between the United Kingdom and the University of Pennsylvania, offers a life-changing opportunity for exceptional students. Its funding provides generous scholarships for postgraduate study abroad, and recipients join a stimulating community of international scholars and Thouron alumni. Explore how to apply for a graduate scholarship from the U.K. or from Penn.

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2019 Scholars Named

James Buxton
Master’s in Business Administration

Paul Calleja
Master’s in Science, Learning Sciences and Technologies

Amelia Clegg
Master’s in Law

Nic Crowe
Master’s in Business Administration

Edward Grigg
Master’s in Law

Matilda Hemming
Doctorate in English

Crawford Jamieson
Master’s in Law

Edward O’Hare
Master’s in Business Administration

Christian Zabilowicz
Master’s in Law



Sona Dadhania
Master’s of Advanced Study in Materials Science

Nicholas Escobar
Master’s in Music Composition

Nick Joyner
Master’s in Arts, Visual Anthropology

Carson Kahoe
Master’s in Arts, Conflict Transformation and Social Justice

Ryan Leone
Master’s in Science, War and Psychiatry

Krishna Patel
Master’s in Science, Evidence-Based Social Intervention and Policy Evaluation

Olivia Rockaway
Master’s in Policy Studies

Hannah Sweeney
Master’s in Science, Refugee and Forced Migration Studies

Emily Zinselmeier
Master’s in Architecture,
Architectural Association School of Architecture


What's next

Application Deadlines for 2019

British Candidates
1 November 2019.

American Candidates
15 October 2019

Interview Weekend

British Candidates
10 -11 January 2020

American Candidates
25 January 2020


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